3 things to check before you purchase that workbench!

When setting up a workspace, new business or redesigning your office a workbench can be one of the most useful items you buy. They are also large pieces of equipment that are available in so many different styles and combinations so here is 3 tips from us on how to choose the best workbench for you. 


1. Space! Measure your space. Is your workshop going to fit the bench that you have your eye on or will you need a smaller model? It is so important that you take this into account when purchasing workbenches, you do not want to have to send it back. Always ensure that you have thought about the length but also the width of the product. Also is it big enough for all you intend to do with it. 


2. Accessories!! There is a never ending list of accessories for workbenches, it is always worth checking if you require any of these and therefore do they fit the workbench you are getting or is it worth switching the bench to have the accessories you need? These can include; electric cables and trunking, shelves and drawers, smaller workbenches to accompany, small parts storage, lights and more. 


3. The use. What is the use for your workbench? Is it engineering, carpentry or general purpose? Every workbench is made from a different material and will have different uses and capabilities so it is best you look specifically at the models for the required use to get the best from your bench. 


As always we are here with help, information and advice on 01258 488398 or sales@jecltd.com. 

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