3 Top Quality Brands Available at JEC

Over the years we have worked alongside thousands of companies and manufacturers meaning tens of thousands of products have been offered either online or in quotations. Here are three brands we love:

1. Bott: Bott ltd have been a brand we have had available since we first opened. They are a UK manufacturer of cabinets, cupboards and perfo panels mostly dealing with small parts storage although there are some larger models available and most products have a good shelf UDL. You may recognise their blue colour doors. 

2. Work Gear: We are big fans of Work Gear here at JEC. This brand is ideal for all kinds of warehouse requirements and is another one we have had available for a number of years. They manufacture trolleys, bin skips, goods trucks and sack trucks. Anytime you need a warehouse access or manoeuvring product remember Work Gear.

3. Black Bull: New to our website this year, Black Bull are a range of barriers and other car park accessories. This brand has professional looking products at an affordable price and if you keep a look out they are often on sale. We are also big fans of the black and yellow they run throughout making them recognisable on our website.

We believe in every brand we offer you and our website is always being updated to remain up to date. If you ever need help or further information give us a call on 01258 488398 or email sales@jecltd.com 

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