5 Tips to help Small Businesses after Lock Down

If, like us, you are a small business you may have struggled through the last 18 months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Here we have 5 top tips to help you rebuild the business you have. 

1. Your Business Plan - Before Covid your business may have worked or operated a certain way but as we come out of lock down slowly it may not be possible to run that way anymore. Take a second look and see where you can change to work in line with any new guidance to ensure you can still operate. You may have to be flexible. 

2. Spending - It may be that to get your business back up of the ground or to attract new customers you have to "spend money to make money" as the saying goes. You might have to account for a large amount of spending to begin with that can hopefully be made back once business is back to usual. 

3. Funding - Leading on from above you could borrow or apply for a Government grant to help with the costs involved in bringing the business out of lock down. Be careful doing this and always make sure you can afford to borrow before you do. 

4. Timeline - Much like the business plan have a timeline of when you would like tasks done by. For example when you would like to reopen, when you would like employees back by if they are coming back to the office and when stock can be updated. This rough timeline can help you to ensure everything goes to plan. 

5. Fail Safe - Always have a back-up plan. Last year taught us that anything can happen at any time so make sure you have options. 

Wishing everyone the best of luck as we all come out of lockdown and resume some kind of normality. As always we are here at sales@jecltd.com or 01258 488398.

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