Export at JEC

Here at JEC we have over 35 years experience in the export sector, this makes us experts in getting your orders to your door in the fastest way possible. Over the years we have accrued a lot of knowledge and put a lot of skills into practice and now we wanted to give you your options when it comes to having your order delivered. 

1. Courier; Courier services are most commonly used for small light items. Most couriers will deliver worldwide so even if you live in another country we can still courier your orders to you if they are small enough. This is a popular choice as not only does it mean that the goods come straight to your door but it is also the fastest way to receive items. There is however restrictions to courier shipments, such as blades and hazardous goods. 

2. Air Freight; Air freight is most commonly used to ship pallets and other large orders that have time constraints as it is much faster than sea freight, taking around 2-5 days. Should you choose air freight your order will be packed onto a pallet or into a large box and sent on the next commercial flight available. There is a lot of paper work involved with Air and Sea freight so make sure that you have requested everything you require from us. 

3. Sea Freight; Sea Freight is the ideal way to ship hazardous, heavy or very large goods. If you have ordered a very large amount of products filling a container will often be the most cost efficient way of delivery your order if you are abroad. As with above ensure we have all paperwork requirements (we will ask) and also expect quite a long lead time as cargo ships can be quite slow. 

We have great working relationships with local freight forwarders as well as all most courier services and are dedicated to getting you the best price for your delivery. Just give us a call on 01258 488398 or email sales@jecltd.com if you have an order with us or requirement that will need freight. We are always here to help. 

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