Sign Safety Legislation - ISO 7010 has now changed to BS EN ISO 710

With any business type it is important to keep up to date with all legislation changes and within our sector health and safety related legislations can change a lot. Recently the ISO 7010 regarding signs has been updated to BS EN ISO 7010 which means the following:

. ISO 7010 was approved by CEN in June 2012 with effect from January 2013. This means it will become a European Normative that the UK and other member states will have to adopt. 

.The old BS 5499 has now been incorporated into the new BS EN ISO 7010. Health and Safety guidance recommends that the two different types of signage, BS 5499 and BS EN ISO 7010 should not be mixed in the workplace, so you may want to change your current signage in order to comply. When looking to purchase new signs for your workplace always ensure that they meet the new BS EN ISO 7010 standards. 

. ISO 7010 prescribes the shape, colour and graphical symbol required on safety signs. New common symbols were introduced and tested throughout all European countries to ensure the symbols are easily understood and recognised across the EU.

All changes have been made to make sign reading easier and therefore increase safety and productivity. If you ever need help to understand a legislative update or safety signs then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01258 488398. 

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