What to look for when choosing a ladder.

Here at JEC we have noticed how popular ladders are becoming in the industrial sector and with home owners, with that in mind we thought you might like some helpful insight into what to look for when you are choosing the perfect ladder for  you. 

  1. Which ladder is required for your purpose? There is a huge range of ladders available and finding the ideal one for you is important. There is single section ladders perfect for when you do not have to work at great height or and extension ladder which enable the user to extend to greater heights. Step ladders are also very popular and are suited best for uses in shops and order picking warehouses. 
  2. Always take into account the personal risk involved when purchasing a ladder. Do you or your staff require courses or safety certificates? Is there a high risk of a fall? Safety is the upmost priority and we can also supply you with any equipment you may need to make your ladder and the surrounding area safe. 
  3. Accessories!! There are so many accessories available to make your ladder your own, usually chosen at the time of purchase rather than buying separately. You can choose from extra handrails, tool trays and some ladders even have a choice of castors, brackets, colours and treads. 

If you need any help or further information contact us on 01258 488398 or email sales@jecltd.com

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