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S-Hooks, Quick Links & D Shackles - 57306 - 68310

From £3.00

JEC's zinc plated S-hooks and quick links for use with chains and barriers. Accessories connect post to chain quickly and securely S-Hooks and Quick links are zinc plated 57306 : 6mm S-Hooks, 53x34mm...

Folding Parking Barrier - PCP710Y


JEC's folding parking barrier with a wide design that elliminates illicit parking which can occur between conventional posts.  This parking post has a tough colour coating for long lasting weather...

Plastic Chain Rubber Connector - PCR


JEC's pack of 10 yellow plastic chain rubber connectors. For use when you want the chain to be mid-post - you will also need S-hooks

Plastic Chain Reflective Plate - RP


JEC's pack of 10 plastic chain reflector plates. Yellow with red reflector. Makes the chain more visible eg in car park etc.

Plastic Chain for Cones - PC.6 - PC.10

From £29.00

JEC's plastic chain for cones which can be used indoors or outside and are durable and economical.  The maximum distance between cones is; 6mm chain = 3m, 8mm chain = 2m and...

Water Filled Plastic Base - SK99007


JEC's belt barrier with black and yellow belt colour ideal for cordoning off dangerous areas or spills. The plastic base can be filled with water or for a more permanent solution...

Deluxe Belt Barriers - CB21DB - RP/DCC

From £111.00

JEC's retractable deluxe belt barrier with a heavy weight base to give maximum stability. It has an 1800mm belt extension and weighs 9.5kg. Available in a black or chrome overall finish. ...

Standard Belt Barrier - CB21SB - RP/CB

From £64.00

JEC's standard retractable belt barriers with a black matt finish and a choice of belt colours from stock.  The belt has a 1800mm belt extension and weighs 9kg. The barrier has...

Wall Belt Barriers - SK99009B - SK99010

From £43.75

JEC's wall belt barriers can be used to go wall to post or wall to wall and are ideal for cordoning off doorways. 2.3 metre belt barrier available in two colours...

Stainless Steel Post Belt Barriers - SK99001R - SK99001B


JEC's stainless steel post belt barriers ideal for cinemas, nightclubs and showrooms.  Freestanding stainless steel post with anti-fingermark finish 350mm diameter reinforced concrete base 100% chevron webbing belt with child-safe...

Metal Base Belt Barrier - SK99008


JEC's metal base belt barrier with black and yellow belt, ideal for cordoning off events.  Black and yellow belt, 3 metres in length Post made from UPVC 915mm H x 63mm...

Black Post Belt Barriers - SK99002B - SK99002R


JEC's black post belt barrier ideal for all types of queuing circumstances. Available with blue, black or red belts.  Black powder coat finish 2 metre chevron webbing belt with safety...