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Spill-Safe 3 x 20 Litre Drum Decanting Stand In Bund - DHA3


JEC's Spill-Safe drum decanting stand for use with 3 x 20 litre containers. This is the perfect addition to any warehouse that needs to have more than one container ready...

Spill-Safe Hardcover Bunded Drum Spill Pallets - BPH2 - ASRU

From £156.00

JEC's Spill-Safe hardcover bunded spill pallets perfect for storing drums outside or hazarodus drums inside to keep them safe. Manufactured from 100% polyethylene making it compatible with most liquids. Removable plastic grids...

Spill-Safe Single 205 Litre Drum Bunded Spill Pallet - BPFE1


JEC's Spill-Safe bunded spill pallet for use with a single 205 litre drum is ideal for any warehouse that stores drums to make sure that you don't experience any spills. Store...

Spill-Safe Four 205 Litre In-Line Bunded Spill Pallets - BPLN - BPLN/BLK


JEC's Spill-Safe bunded spill pallet for storing 4 drums in a row. Ideal for workplaces were space is a premium as they can be put up against the wall without...

Spill-Safe Four 205 Litre Drum Bunded Spill Pallets - BPFE4 - BPFE4/RC

From £117.00

JEC's Spill-Safe bunded spill pallets for use with 4 205 litre drums. Use as a single product or place a few next to each other to form an area of...

Spill-Safe Two 205 Litre Drum Bunded Spill Pallets - BPFE2 - BPFE2/RC

From £78.79

JEC's Spill-Safe bunded spill pallets for use with 2 x 205 litre drums or 1 drum and a couple of smaller conatiners. Choice of yellow or black Perfect products to store all...

Spillpod Disposable Absorbent Refill Liners - DR01 - DR03

From £18.19

JEC's Spillpod disposable absorbent refil liners perfect for use with spill conatinment bunds and pools, simply place inside to help absorb the spill and make it easier for you to...

Spill-Safe 205 Litre Bunded Drum Dolleys - BDDC - BDDC/BLK


JEC's Spill-Safe bunded drum dolly for use transporting 205 litre drums around the workplace or on and off of lorries. Complete with sump to catch any leaks or drips while you...

Spill-Safe Twin IBC Spill Pallet With Removeable Grid - BBC2 - BBC2T

From £69.95

JEC's Spill-Safe twin IBC pallet with removeable grid making it easier to empty the sump after use. For safe contained stroage of two 1000 litre IBC's Conforms to all current UK oil...

Spill-Safe Single Integral Dispenser IBC Spill Pallet - BBC1D - BBC1D/RC

From £187.49

JEC's Spill-Safe integral IBC dispenser pallet helps you stop leaks and spills when you are emptying your IBCs. The sump will catch the drips meaning that you dont have to...

Spill-Safe Single IBC Spill Pallet With Removeable Grid - BBC1 - BBC1/RC

From £189.25

JEC's Spill-Safe IBC pallet for use with one IBC and complete with removable grid to make mptying the sump easier. Helps make sure you dont make any spills while using your...

Spill-Safe Large Bore Tap 2" BSP - BTP2


JEC's Spill-Safe large bpre tap is 2" bsp and is perfect for making sure that you can empty your drums fuss free and with minimal spillages.