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Spill-Safe Drum Dispenser Stand For 1 x 205L or 2 x 25L - DSS


JEC's Spill-Safe dispenser stands that can be used for either 1 x 205 litre drum or 2 x 25 litre drums. Simply turn the unit upside down to make it into...

Spill-Safe Universal Drum Opener - FDKS45


JEC's Spill-Safe universal drum opener prefect for helping you open any drums that you are struggling with.

Spill-Safe Single Fork Lift Sleeve Attachment - FDLHS


JEC's Spill-Safe single fork lift sleeve attachment makes the perfect addition to any warehouse for moving drums from A to B.

Spill-Safe Vertical Drum Lifting Sling - FDLSV


JEC's Spill-Safe vertical drum lifting sling is the ideal addition to any warehouse or workplace where drums need transporting.Lifts drums vertically.

Spill-Safe 5 Litre Flexi Spout Jug - PM50


JEC's Spill-Safe flexi spout jug can hold up to 5 litres of liquid and makes it easier for you to fill up your drums without spilling anything 

Spill-Safe 4 Wheeled Steel Drum Dolly - BGD80


JEC's Spill-Safe 4 wheeled steel drum dolly to help transport 1 drum at a time around the workplace. Makes it harder to spill the contents

Spill-Safe Rectangular Drum Funnel - FPG


JEC's Spill-Safe rectangular drum funnel for safely pouring liquids into your drums. White colour

Work Gear Open 2 Drum Sump - DS401


Work Gear drum sump for use when storing two vertical drums with a capacity of 250 litres and a removable galvanised steel support grid. Sump is fully welded liquid tight...