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PROline Anti-Slip Tape Panels

From £12.10

Self-adhesive backed for ease of application and coated with aluminium oxide particles for long lasting abrasion resistance.  Suitable for indoor and outdoor use Available in various sizes Packs of 10...

PROline Anti-Slip Tape

From £15.00

PROline Anti-slip tapes are self-adhesive backed for ease of application and coated with aluminium oxide particles for long lasting abrasion resistance Ideal for use on stairs, ramps, walkways and vehicles. ...

Non-Reflective Hazard Warning Tape


This tape provides a high level of warning in the light and is quickly and easily applied to your surface. Long lasting adhesive backing. Available in red and white or...

PROline Chalk Guide Line


Accurate temporary chalk marking with a very fine line.  Can be used on many surfaces including tiles, concrete, asphalt and metal. When the permanent marking is complete this one is...

Letters and Numbers Plastic Stencils Set

From £181.30

Plastic stencil sets for use with PROline spray marking paint to help ensure the markings in your warehouse or factory are neat and legible.  Available in 15cm and 30cm models...

PROline Marking Paint 750ml Aerosols


750ml aerosol spray cans available in various colours to help mark out areas in warehouses, factories and delivery offices.  Colours: white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, grey and black

PROline Paint Marking Set


Easy to use paint marking set, Simply shake cannister, insert and start marking. Long lasting, high visibility paint that is abrasion resistant. Adheres to concrete, asphalt, tarmac, metal & tiles....

PROline-Tape Steel for Forklift Traffic

From £13.80

Hard wearing line marking tape ideal for warehouses and factories. Perfect for use in areas where there is heavy forklift truck use.  Available 75mm x 1.5m or 75mm x 6m ...

PROline-Tape VINYL for Forklift Traffic - 75mm x 25m


PROline vinyl floor tape for areas were forklift trucks are in use.  Mess free way to mark your warehouse or factory floors. 75mm x 25m Available in white, yellow, blue,...

PROline VINYL for Forklift Traffic - 50mm x 25m


Vinyl floor marking tape for areas with forklift use.  50mm x 25m  Available in a selection of colours; white, yellow, blue, red and green

TAPEliner Applicator for 50 & 75mm PROline Tape


The TAPEliner Applicator eliminates the need for painting marks on the floor and can apply tape without you having to bend.  For use with 50 and 75mm tape widths Made...

PROline Marking Kit 75


PROline tape marking kits are perfect for warehouses and factories for indoor floor marking. Kit consists of: 1 x TAPEliner  2 x Rolls of PROlin tape 75mm x 33m 1...