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Ribbed Kraft Rolls - MG500 - MG900

From £29.26

JEC's pure 70 GSM ribbed Kraft rolls available in 500, 750 and 900mm widths. Suitable for use with 60-940 and 60-941 dispensers. MG500 : 500mm x 275m MG750 : 750mm x 275m MG900 :...

Economy Packing Table - EB-250


JEC's EB-250 packing bench is supplied flat-packed in one carton for convinient handling with easy to follow instructions included.  Sturdy welded steel section constriction with table edges set into the frame...

Table Top Kraft / Bubble Rotary Cutters - 60-940


JEC's table top kraft / bubble rotary cutters to easily cut Kraft, bubble film and corrugated paper. Available in two sizes.  60-940 : 120cm rotary cutter

Mobile Stands for Cutters - 60-301 - 60-302

From £270.70

JEC's mobile stands for 120cm and 150cm rotary cutters.  Lockable castors on all legs for easy mobility Note : This product requires the cutter 60-301 : Mobile Stand for 120cm Cutter 60-302...

Stretch Film Cast - 20 Micron - 4030-20-6


JEC's stretch film with (6) cast, 400mm x 300m x 20 micron Cast clear hand pallet stretch film 6 rolls per carton

Stretch Film Cast - 17 Micron - 4030-17-6


JEC's stretch film with (6) cast, 400mm x 300m x 17 micron Cast clear hand pallet stretch film 6 rolls per carton

Stretch Film Blown Ext. Core - 4020-34BEC-6


JEC's stretch film with (6) blown ext. core, 400mm x 200m x 34 micron.  Blown clear extended core hand pallet stretch film Extended core acts ad hand grips for easy application...

Centrefold Shrink Film - MEC250-19 - MEC800-19

From £34.00

JEC's crystal clear centre folded film enhances product presentation To be used with the shrink wrap system of your choice from the Packer range Shortest side of package plud height...

Centrefold Shrink Film - 125-1.5-3M-25 - 125-2-4M-25

From £83.00

JEC's heavy duty film to secure, stabilise and protect pallet loads. Clear design  125-1.5-3M-25 : Centrefold shrink film 3m opened 74m long x 125 micron 125-1-2M-25 : Centrefold shrink film 2m...

12mm x 0.55mm Machine Strapping - 12-145-MC


JEC's quality strapping manufactured to machine grade for consistent and reliable use with Packer semi automatic machines. White 12mm x 0.5mm machine strapping 145Kg break strain 300mm or 200mm core

Strap & Seal Kit - 12-SSK


JEC's Packer strap and seal kit supplied in a dispenser box to keep it all together and for you to move it around the workplace easier. 800m x 12mm strap with...

Crimper - 32BS-12MM


JEC's 12mm crimper with hardened steel jaws for durability and full length chrome steel handles for easy crimping on 12mm polypropylene seals.  Use PP12-25 or PP12-32 seals Weight : 1.7Kg