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Pallet trucks are one of the most popular warehouse additons and we have a huge range available including extra long, heavy and light duty, high lift or galvanised models. We can also supply pallet trucks with built-in printers or scales and for customers that need extra help or have heavy goods we have fully powered models.

Hand Pallet Trucks - BFE5401000 - BF306851150

From £246.25

JEC's Hand pallet trucks with an ergonomic pump handle and reinforced A frame.  Min Fork Height : 85mm Max Fork Height : 200mm 85mm load rollers and 200mm steer wheels in...

Adjustable Pallet Trucks - PTA22MS - PTA22L

From £398.44

JEC's highly versatile adjustable hand pallet trucks to suit different pallet sizes 2500Kg capacity Heavy and robust design Raised height of forks 196mm Lowered height 76mm for easy pallet entry...

Semi-Electric Pallet Trucks - LEMP10-5410 - LEMP15-5411


JEC's Semi-electric pallet truck with electric drive for easy and economic pallet handling.  Reduces risk of injuries caused by pulling heavy loads Minimum maintenance Manual lift / electric drive Built in...

Fully Powered Pallet Trucks - LEPT135410 - LEPT206810

From £2,995.31

JEC's quality designed fully powered pallet trucks ideal for warehouse environments.  Powered lift and drive Electronic speed control, uses necessary power without wasting battery life Maximum speed 5.0Km/h laden and...

Model TPWA Heavy Duty Pallet Truck - CTPWA


JEC's TPWA model heavy duty pallet truck with a compact low profile design and waterproof LCD display Robust and easy to operate  Waterproof IP65 LCD display with multi-range readout Graduations automatically change...

Scale Approved for Trade Use - CCE-M


Scale approved for trade use for use with TPWA model heavy duty pallet truck 1-1000Kg x 1Kg 1000-2000Kg x 2Kg

Built-In Printer - CTPRPL


Built-in printer for use with TPWA model heavy duty pallet truck

Low Level Hand Pallet Trucks - LP1000540 - SLP685

From £393.75

JEC's low and super low proifle hand pallet truck ideal for handling products like low line crates that only counter balanced stackers can move Extremely reliable pump fitted to robust...

High Lift Hand Pallet Trucks - HMX540 - HEX680

From £480.00

JEC's high lift hand pallet trucks that can also be used as a work postioner.  Designed to reduce fatigue and increase operator safety When raised the truck locks itself to...

Long Heavy Duty Pallet Trucks - BF2054150 - BF2068200

From £415.00

JEC's heavy duty long pallet trucks with a 2000Kg capacity. Available in a choice of fork dimensions   Min fork height 85mm, max fork height 200mm Ideal for non standard loads...

Galvanised Hand Pallet Trucks - BFGL1150540 - BFGL1150680

From £448.75

JEC's heavy duty 2000Kg capacity galvanised hand pallet truck with choice of fork size   For use in meat and other food industries, dairy canning area and areas where corrosive acids...