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Our skip bins are ideal for larger warehouses, simply use throughout the day for collecting rubbish or anything else that needs to be thrown away and empty them at the end of the day, saves time and space on bins! They are also a great place to store goods that may leak.

Work Gear Water Bin & Carriers - CT612 - CT612P

From £359.50

JEC's Work Gear water bin and carriers for simple transportation and pouring of liquids. Lift-off water container.  Heavy galvanised finish with wired rim and pouring lip. Transporter finished with blue...

Work Gear Wheelbarrow Skips - SB12 - SB12P

From £387.57

JEC's Work Gear wheelbarrow skips with fully welded construction in sheet steel with formed top edge and front nose strengthening. Tubular push handle continues down length of body for extra...

Work Gear Tilting Skip Bins - SB08 - SB10DT

From £497.39

JEC's Work Gear tilting skip bins with fabricated sheet steel body mounted on square frame chassis. Reinforced body rim. No sharp edges. Handle for pushing and load dumping. Load will not...