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Spill-Safe Large Square Drip Tray - 600 x 600 x 70mm - DT45


JEC's Spill-Safe square drip tray perfect for putting underneath leaking machinery either on its own or with an absorbent pad inside to catch drips and stop spills. 600 x 600 x...

Spill-Safe Long Drip Tray - 1100 x 550 x 40mm - DT81


JEC's Spill-Safe long drip tray perfect fror use under leaking machinery and other drips as well as storing containers inside to prevent spills. 1100 x 550 x 40mm 

Spill-Safe Extra Long Drip Tray - 1200 x 550 x 40mm - DT82


JEC's Spill-Safe extra long drip tray is great for use underneath leaks or for keeping containers in so that you can catch a spill before its even happened. 1200 x 550...

Spill-Safe Spill Trays & Surface Grids - SPS20 - SPK100

From £50.55

JEC's Spill-Safe spill trays with removable lids so that you can easilly drain away the sump. yellow and black design Perfect for storing smaller drums and containers on in any workplace to...

Spill-Safe Tidy Trays & Pans - DT48 - LGS21

From £16.87

JEC's Spill-Safe tidy trays and pans for use in any workplace. Helps keep your warehouse clean or helps to tdy up any loose spill granules you have had to pour...

Spill-Safe Raised Ridge 11 Litre Drip Trays - DT83 - DT105

From £23.24

JEC's Spill-Safe drip trays available in single or double tier models. Double tier models are ideal for smaller workplaces enabling you to store more conatiners in one place. Manufactured from polyethylene Sump...

Spill-Safe Extra Deep Drip Trays - DT100


JEC's Spill-Safe drip trays are extra deep for larger sumps to hold more leaks. Perfect for placing an already leaking container on or storing all of your drums inside. All come...

Spill-Safe Varied Sized Drip Pans - DP130 - DP46

From £13.77

JEC's Spill-Safe drip trays available in a wide variety of sizes making them perfect for all of your conatiners. Help you to keep your workplace safe from spills - just store...

Spill-Safe Spill Tray & Container Grids - BT2/25 - BT9/25

From £36.62

JEC's Spill-Safe tray and container grids for use with drums and small containers to help stop spills in your warehouse or workplace. BT2/25 : Spill-Safe Spill Tray & Base Grid - 2...

Spill-Safe Octagonal Drip Tray - 850 dia x 60mm - DT90


JEC's Spill-Safe octagonal drip tray ideal for use with drums or to place underneath leaking machinery. 40 litre capacity 850mm Dia x 60mm