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Manual Rising Bollard - PH-100


JEC's manual rising bollard ideal for warehouses with a 100mm post section and a galvanised finish.  Padlock included Below ground 750mm Above ground 530mm H 165mm diameter base Weight 20Kg...

Fixed Boundary Posts - SK99046 - SK99049


JEC's fixed boundary post helps to protect building from accidental car damage. Available in yellow powder coat or galvanised.  Mark boundaries or parking spaces Galvanised or powder coated yellow finish...

Below Ground Removeable Posts - SK99040 - SK99042

From £66.50

JEC's hi-visibility black and white finished parking post with reflector.  Heavy duty square steel section Lockable hinged baseplate cover Reflectors and padlock included Drainage to socket required Additional keys are...

Key Lock Parking Posts - CPP2 - CPP3


JEC's zinc plated or yellow key lock parking posts that are an integral security lock with fully enclosed mechanism.  Folds in either direction to lie horizontally with a heavy duty...

Padlock Parking Posts - CPP1YB - SK99035

From £48.13

JEC's collapsible weatherproof vehicle parking post with combined padlock housing and lift handle.  750mm H x 60mm D Overall Height 835mm (118mm high when folded) Yellow and black or red powder...

Flag Rope - SK99033


JEC's flag rope ideal for attaching to cones or delineators for cordoning off areas in warehouses, towns and car parks.  30m in Length 45 orange flags Vinyl, UV stabilised

T-Top Chain - SK99029


JEC's T-Top chain for use with delineator barriers screws into the top of the delineator barrier and is ideal for attaching plastic chain. Comprises 1 plastic screw and 2 metal quick links...

Tape Barrier - SK1061


JEC's tape barrier ideal for cordoning off outside areas or carparks. High visibility red and white tape 100% waterproof Topper in orange 2.5 metre retractable tape length  Cone topper tape barrier designed to fit any...